Global Forum 2017
20-24 February | Brussels, Belgium

The power of GS1 to transform the way we work and live

Global Forum Inspirational Speaker: Marco Tempest

GS1 is evolving into the digital world and we will explore the possibilities with Marco Tempest, a cyber illusionist who combines digital technology and imagination to inspire and astonish you.

Marco's visual story-telling will captivate you, pushing you to explore beyond your perceived limits into the world of the extraordinary. Discover the power of creative thinking, knowledge sharing and collaboration as Marco takes us on a cyber-adventure of the imagination.    

This Swiss illusionist is a Director’s Fellow at MIT Media Lab and is world-renowned having performed at numerous TED talks and high profile conferences such as World Economic Forum, Innovators@Google, WIRED, Cannes Lions and many more.

Plan to stay and see Marco at our Closing Plenary on Thursday, 23 February at 14.00 - 17:00!

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Global Forum Inspirational Speaker: Marco Tempest

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