Global Forum 2017
20-24 February | Brussels, Belgium

The power of GS1 to transform the way we work and live

Jean-Marc Klopfenstein

Nestlé, NBE Master Data Lead
Stretching the Boundaries of GS1
Nestlé has been a strong advocate of GS1 for many years, utilising our services within their proficient product supply chain. During the plenary, Mr. Klopfenstein will present on the benefits of applying GS1 expertise and experience in their production processes, resulting in improved data standardisation and exchange flows in the Technical Industries sector.

Mr Klopfenstein is leading the Nestlé Master Data organization within Nestlé. In this role, he has the global responsibilities to establish what is needed to ensure proper governance, stewardship as well as master data operations. In this role he is also ensuring Nestlé global data standards are leveraging whenever possible external standards (e.g. GS1 data standards).
Prior to this he has lead several global initiatives within Nestlé, and among others the deployment of a global and common product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. In this context, PLM solution is covering both the process to manage product data as well as the different solutions needed to efficiently support this process, fully aligned with the Nestlé innovation process.