Video Vault

GS1 Member Organisations shared exciting short videos in the Video Vault of the Global Forum Virtual Attendee Platform. In these videos, see how GS1 is enabling industry to transform during the pandemic - impacting supply chains, healthcare and/or industry’s digital transformation. Watch them anytime during or after the event.  

Meet GS1 Peers

Tuesday, 2 March, 10:00 CET and 14:15 CET

At Global Forum, we have a passion for networking and building lasting business relationships. We’ll play matchmaker, pairing GS1 staff with 6 different people for face-to-face networking—all in one hour. We will also have live chat available throughout the week for everyone. Don’t miss this chance to expand your circle of like-minded GS1 peers around the world.

Networking Concert

Wednesday, 3 March, 10:00 CET and 19:00 CET

Our favourite entertainer is back! Christian Rycx will sing and play live for you! Choose the song, the genre, the style—he can do it all! It will be a fun-filled time together with music trivia and surprises.