Žiga Drev

OriginTrail, Co-founder
Digital Identity & Bridging Blockchains, Tuesday, February 19, 08:30
Žiga will share technology insights on a panel of experts at the Digital Identity Plenary. As the industries that we serve demand new solutions to their business challenges, new technologies that rely on identity as foundational (such as blockchain ledgers and traceability solutions) are emerging as higher priority. Stakeholders are collaborating with various consortiums, and interoperability is becoming a critical requirement for success. As a result, GS1 standards for identity (and data sharing) are emerging as foundational to success in enterprise blockchain implementations. Come hear Žiga Drev and other industry leaders discuss the bridge between digital identity and interoperable blockchain ecosystems, and the role that GS1 can play in this very exciting future.

Žiga Drev is Co-Founder of OriginTrail, a blockchain company developing the purpose-built decentralized protocol for supply chains. He has been involved in designing use case frameworks involving the blockchain technology and GS1 standards for data integrity in global supply chains. Žiga co-founded OriginTrail in 2013 with the mission to bring transparency to supply chains and has led the implementation of several traceability projects around the world.

OriginTrail is enabling businesses to speak the same language with integrity. With the blockchain-powered data exchange protocol for interconnected supply chains, it is enabling businesses to seamlessly share and secure data - unlocking the potential of the blockchain technology for the multi-organizational environment.