Andras Sule

European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP), Director of Finance
Healthcare Plenary: The life of a healthcare product - from manufacturer to patient

Andras Sule is the Director of Finance at the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP). His main areas of expertise are medication safety and healthcare metrics. Within the Board of EAHP he is also tasked with co-leading the EU Falsified Medicines Directive policy agenda.

Since 2012 he serves as the chief pharmacist of the National Toxicology and Trauma Center, a major hospital of 1600 beds in Budapest, Hungary, and since 2017 also as chief pharmacy advisor at Hungary’s largest private hospital, Duna Medical Center.

In 2015 Andras has been elected as the president of the Hungarian Chamber of Hospital Pharmacists. He is the member of the Editorial Board of the leading Hungarian healthcare management journal IME.

Andras graduated from Semmelweis University Budapest with a summa cum laude PharmD degree followed by a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He holds a BSc in Healthcare Management from Semmelweis University Budapest as well.