Bhanu Narasimhan

Google Shopping, Director
Empowering digital transformation into the future (Wed. 19 Feb, 14:00-15:00)
Bhanu will speak about the drivers of digital transformation & GS1's exciting future.


Bhanu Narasimhan is Director, Product Management in Google Shopping. In her current role, she leads Product Management for the shopping property and app experience and the underlying product data catalog that powers all shopping experiences.

Bhanu previously led Product Management for all personalization products across properties (, YouTube and more), and ensured appropriate handling of user data within Ads. Prior to this she led multiple product areas in Google Ads, including AdWords Conversion Tracking, Bid Strategies, Planning & Opportunities, My Client Center and the AdWords API, making significant improvements to the systems used by our largest advertisers. Prior to Google Ads, Bhanu worked on tools to fight spam and abuse across Google's consumer apps, and on Google Video.

Prior to Google, Bhanu worked as a strategy consultant at Marakon Associates, and then wore multiple hats at Instantis, a software startup that was acquired by Oracle. Bhanu has a bachelor's degree in Math from Dartmouth College, and a Masters in Economics from MIT.