Colin D. Ellis

Award winning speaker, Best selling author and project management expert
Opening Plenary, Monday, Feb 18, 14:00
Colin will help GS1 transform the way we get things done through project management. Successful transformation projects start with you and your behaviours: Despite the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, humans are still best placed to lead people through change and that requires self-aware individuals to behave well and build teams that everyone wants to be part of. In this practical, energetic and inspirational speech, Colin will provide you with a blueprint of the skills that everyone - regardless of role or country - needs to demonstrate to successfully deliver transformation projects. Following the Opening Plenary, Colin will host a leadership workshop called, “GS1 must become a successful Project Management Organisation,” and all attendees will receive his best-selling book, The Project Rots From The Head: How Senior Managers Can Stop Projects From Failing, Forever!.


Colin D Ellis is an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author and renowned leadership and culture expert who works with organisations around the world to help them transform the way they get things done.

Able to draw on more than 20 years of public and private sector leadership experience in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Colin peppers his presentations with anecdotes, statistics, practical insights and plenty of humour to ensure that audiences are engaged and laughing! He gets people talking through his emphasis on people being the best version of themselves and creating teams they can be proud of.

Colin is originally from Liverpool in the UK and now lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he is known for his snappy dressing and love of karaoke.

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Colin's books:

The project rots from the head book Colin D EllisThe conscious project leader book Colin D Ellis