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Pascal Aulagnet

Pascal Aulagnet
Company's Position
Market & Regulatory Engagement Lead – Global Supply Chain – Serialization Center of Excellence
Plenary Sessions: Healthcare plenary: GS1 standards and digitisation driving better patient outcomes (Wednesday, 15 Feb 2023, 13:00 CET)

Working for Pfizer since 2004, I have been involved with serialization and standards from 2007. I’m leading the Market & Regulatory engagement team inside the Serialization Center Of Excellence in Pfizer.

My responsibility is to drive the monitoring of emerging and evolving serialization mandates to ensure market compliance. We identify, interpret and provide guidance on the mandates to assess the impact to the Pfizer business units and develop strategies to comply.

I represent Pfizer externally on various industry groups related to the implementation of existing regulations or planned regulations at regional and country level. Since 2017, I represent Pfizer in the GS1 Healthcare Leadership Team. I have 23 years of experience in the industry.