Philippe François

The Global Fund, Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain
Inspirational leadership: the power of global standards for access to safe medicines in Africa (Thurs., 20 Feb, 09:00-10:00)
Philippe will talk about the power of global standards to enable traceability of medicines.


Philippe François is the Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain at the Global Fund. In 25 years of experience in international healthcare operations including supply chain and procurement, Philippe François has overseen and secured the supply and the distribution of billions of dollars of drugs and medical devices all over the world.

Before joining the Global Fund in 2018, he served as the head of supply chain at Novartis. As leader of supply operations for European and American multinationals, he was responsible for defining and deploying broad supply strategies, securing quality supply for more than 120 countries, controlling costs and constantly innovating with the firm goal of achieving quality care for patients.

Earlier, he developed the supply operation function of Baxter Healthcare, a U.S.-based multinational. He worked in various positions over 20 years, leading international teams in Europe, Middle East, Africa, the U.S. and Asia.