Simone-Eva Redrupp

The Culture Map, Cross-cultural Business Facilitator; and adjunct professor at INSEAD
Simone will provide a researched-based approach to multi-cultural communication

Workshops: The Culture Map: Working across the invisible boundaries of business Workshop, Thursday 10:30-12:30; and Lunch and learn: The Culture Map: Cultural agility, Thursday, 12:30-14:00


A polyglot Professor, educated on two continents, Simone worked in France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Senegal, Austria, India, Belgium, etc..  Her cross-cultural workshops range from Finland to Namibia, the USA to India, building on her passion to leverage culture as assets to help teams collaborate. Simone is an adjunct professor at INSEAD along with Erin Meyer, the author of The Culture Map. They have been friends and have worked together for over 15 years. She is also a dynamic facilitator and business coach.

Tri-cultural, Simone-Eva and her family lives on the Marne River, the outskirts of Paris from where she works worldwide in French, English and German. Her Leitmotif: “ Stay curious because the more you travel, the more you realize how little you know…”