Global Forum by the numbers

Global Forum is our annual event to advance GS1 global strategy, to inspire innovation and to strengthen GS1 staff around the world.









Tuesday Plenary

Özgür Tort

Migros Group & the CGF

Özgür will share how industry & GS1 are together transforming commerce, one GTIN at a time.

Wednesday Plenary

Bhanu Narasimhan

Google Shopping

Bhanu will speak about the drivers of digital transformation & GS1's exciting future.

Thursday Plenary

Prof. Moji C. Adeyeye

Nigeria NAFDAC

Moji will share how global standards make access to safe medicines possible in Africa.

Thursday Plenary

Tom Woods

The World Bank

Tom will talk about the power of global standards to enable traceability of medicines.

Thursday Plenary

Alan Bornbusch


Alan will share how GS1 is enabling their work in Africa

Thursday Plenary

Philippe François

The Global Fund

Philippe will talk about the power of global standards to enable traceability of medicines.

Opening Plenary

Kathy Wengel

Johnson & Johnson

Kathy will talk about how GS1 is enabling industries to digital transform

Tuesday Workshops

Hervé d'Halluin


Hervé will share how the new GS1 offerings are transforming retail

Tuesday Workshop

Pierre Loiret


Pierre will explain how GS1 standards are transforming the tire industry based on RFID

Tuesday Workshop

Philippe Lallement


Philippe will share what’s new in RFID using GS1 standards and the transforming benefits

Thursday Workshops

Simone-Eva Redrupp

The Culture Map

Simone will provide a researched-based approach to multi-cultural communication

Monday Workshops

Richard Plunkett

Woolworths Food Group

Richard will share how GS1 standards are transforming the fresh foods retail sector

Mon & Thu Workshops

Jennifer Keegan

Woolworths Food Group

Jennifer will share how Woolworths is looking to the future of on-pack coding

See highlights of Global Forum 2019

Experience the passion of Global Forum through the eyes of participants. Revisit the Market Place Expo and be inspired as you plan for Global Forum 2020!

See the Programme

Along with great plenary sessions, industry speakers and networking activities, 6 engaging workshop tracks of 50+ sessions will cover all top GS1 strategic objectives. 

The benefits and value are enormous and so impactful to drive us forwards.
Chiang Fein Goh, GS1 Malaysia
A very exciting, awesome learning experience with rich knowledge of standards, implementation and execution.
Myriam Nafula Opicho, GS1 Kenya
I’m in awe by the sheer scale of the forum. I am personally energized by the generous knowledge sharing that defines my role with a sense of purpose
Raj Burman, GS1 UK
Seeing all the talent and diversity within GS1 is truly enriching, inspiring and motivating.
Anna van Stuijvenberg, GS1 Canada
A great event to get to know each other in the GS1 family and to get an insight about what other countries and regions are doing.
Marcus Arnoczky, GS1 Switzerland

Explore GS1 at the Market Place Expo

The Market Place Expo is the greatest opportunity of the week to discover new GS1 innovations and to build your network. Plan to be there!

Bring your old IT equipment to donate to charity

NEW! The official charity of Global Forum is CF2D. Their dual mission is to help people re-join society through IT education and work, and to recycle computer and electronic equipment.