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Pavan Heda Ph.D.

Pavan Heda
Johnson & Johnson
Company's Position
Vice-President, Enterprise Global Trade Controls and Network Strategy
Plenary Sessions: Opening remarks & healthcare plenary: Imagine all patients being safer with a simple scan (Monday, 19 Feb 2023, 13:00 CET)

Pavan Heda is the Vice President for Enterprise Global Trade Controls and Network Strategy at Johnson & Johnson. During his 25-year career at J&J, Pavan gained diverse experiences across the three sectors, i.e., Consumer, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices and in wide ranging areas of strategy development, portfolio management, product development, R&D operations, supply chain and project management.

Pavan is a Pharmacist and earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Maryland. He also has a Master’s in Technology Management from Wharton Business School and Penn Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Pavan serves on BSCT, Innovation Board, GS1’s HealthCare LT and Board of Governors for GS1 US.