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Stina Behrens

Stina behrens
Company's Position
Project Manager Sustainable Consumption and Circular Economy
Plenary Sessions: Retail Plenary: From Cotton to Click – The Future of Retail Through the Lens of a White T-Shirt, Tuesday. 20 February 15:00-16:00 CET

Stina works in the sustainable production and consumption program area where she leads projects and initiatives in business development and innovation linked to sustainable consumption.

Stina has solid experience in sustainable service and business development. She has previously been involved in developing Barkarby Science, an innovation arena and testbed for sustainable urban development linked to Barkarbystaden in Stockholm. Stina has also worked as a management consultant at one of Sweden's leading service design agencies where she was responsible for developing the business offer for sustainable business development. In the same role, she has worked with a large number of organizations in both the private and public sectors.

Stina is a trained behavioral scientist with a file. B.Sc. from Stockholm University and has an artistic bachelor's degree from Beckmans School of Design, where Stina focused her studies on service design and sustainability. Stina has also participated in the Stockholm Resilience Centre's Balticlead, a leadership program in systemic entrepreneurship and sustainable development.